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Boulder Rock Climbing

Boulder’s variety of terrain, sunny weather and avid climbing community make it a world-class rock climbing town. In fact, the first recorded rock climb in Colorado happened in Boulder in 1906 when the now-famous 3rd Flatiron was ascended.

"Many people — not just locals — argue that Boulder, together with nearby Rocky Mountain National Park, is the single most desirable all-around rock climbing destination in the United States, and certainly one that rivals the most sought-after international rock destinations." — Alpine Institute

Climbing Areas

Top Boulder rock climbing areas include the iconic Flatirons, the granite crags of Boulder Canyon, the legendary walls at Eldorado Canyon State Park (or “Eldo” to locals) and more. A smorgasbord of sport, top rope, trad climbing and bouldering are available across a wide variety of canyons and terrain. Here are a few must-climb areas for those in search of memorable problems:

Get more details about rock climbing in Boulder, including seasonal wildlife closures in certain areas, on the city's Open Space and Mountain Parks rock climbing page.

Help protect Boulder's natural beauty by remembering these Mountain Manners.

Climb With Care

Preserve the beauty of these areas by using existing trails and roads to access climbing routes and using existing anchors when available.

Climbing Guides, Tours and Gyms

Going with a climbing guide can get you off the ground and onto a rock wall faster than you thought possible. Boulder's an international climbing mecca and a wealth of climbing experts live and work here, making this the perfect place to learn how to rock climb. Look to pros listed below to get started or improve your rock climbing skills. Searching for an indoor climbing wall?


FAQs about Rock Climbing in Boulder