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Boulder Shopping

Have you ever had one of those shopping days where the sun is shining, you meet friendly folks, and you score just the perfect feel-good treasure? If not, maybe you haven’t been shopping in Boulder! You’ll discover great shops all over town, but our two main shopping districts are Pearl Street and Twenty Ninth Street.

Pearl Street 

Pearl Street's historic buildings are filled with boutiques, and shops line just about every inch of this pedestrian mall’s brick walkways (and where’s there’s not a shop, there’s a great restaurant). Spend at least a day exploring Pearl Street’s trendy, independent shops, bookstores, cafes; watching street performers; browsing galleries; and taking in some of the best people watching around. Don’t forget to explore off the bricks on West Pearl and East Pearl, too.

Twenty Ninth Street 

Twenty Ninth Street is an outdoor center with amazing views of the Flatirons and plenty of popular national retailers such as Anthropologie, Apple, Sephora and Nordstrom Rack. In summer, there's live music on select evenings and a fun, open atmosphere year-round.